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IDC Season 7 | Green Future

Last week Accedia’s Innovation Development Center (IDC) successfully concluded its seventh season! The theme this year was “Green Future” with a focus on creating solutions that help environmental sustainability and solve crucial issues for a healthier and more balanced planet.

All teams developed their projects using innovative technologies and processes such as Data Science, Machine Learning, DevOps, Azure Security, and more. These include:

  • ChessCapture – a chess game application that uses Machine Learning and Computer Vision to capture every move of the chess pieces on the board in real time. The solution provides an innovative approach for tracking and analyzing a chess game, while also offering an affordable alternative to expensive electronic boards.
  • GORA – a solution using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to track illegal logging via real-time satellite images. The project aims to detect and combat mass deforestation in the country by partnering with some of the leading environmental organizations in Bulgaria.
  • SportsBuddy – an intuitive web application that helps people find sports enthusiasts nearby and organize games quickly and easily. Essentially, it serves as a social network for people with similar interests and creates a community promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Kyub – an application that provides clear information on responsible trash disposal and waste reduction, promoting sustainable waste management. It allows easy access to all nearby recycling stations and bins, active environmental campaigns, and more.

After the final presentations are done and the season is completed, all teams are awarded points based on factors such as complexity, innovation, usage of recommended technologies, and correspondence to the theme of the season. The points are then translated into a prize pool distributed internally among each team.

About IDC

Launched in 2017, IDC is a skill-sharing initiative that supports the realization of team members’ innovative ideas into actual software solutions. The program is designed to celebrate individual talent, ideas, and entrepreneurial skills while fostering teamwork, and collaboration and encouraging learning from one another.

Want to take part in IDC Season 8 starting in October? Make sure to keep an eye on our open positions.

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