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California Office relocation to iconic Market Street

The year 2020 will mark both the 3rd anniversary of our California-based business operation and its relocation from Palo Alto to the iconic 1 Market Street in San Francisco. In the past years, we acquired know-how and clients in the energy production and telecommunications industries, among others, and further established our presence. Nowadays, we are recognized as a trusted partner by a growing number of clients and partners and it was a tactical decision to move into a new office where we’ll be at the center of it all.

“The change of location is a strategic step that will assure the smooth proceeding of our day-to-day business relations in the States, where the majority of our clients are concentrated In addition, Market Street is by far more accessible and recognized which will assure more visibility of Accedia and will open room for realizing our business potential,” commented Dimitar Dimitrov, managing partner of Accedia.

The newly relocated office will continue its work as usual with the US headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and the Bulgarian headquarters in Sofia. Our presence in the States is a part of the international business strategy of Accedia to offer software innovations on a global scale.

Do you have a technology challenge you would like to discuss? You can easily get in touch with our software consultants, just drop a line on email address or give us a call on 1-650-521-5156.

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