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accedia innovation development center

What is Accedia Innovation Development Center?

The Innovation Development Center (IDC) is a skill-sharing initiative launched for the first time in 2017 as part of the talent development strategy at Accedia. It supports the realization of the team members’ innovative ideas into software solutions with the help of the company itself and mentors in Software Engineering, HR, Marketing, and Sales.

Benefits behind IDC

Here at Accedia, we value each and everyone’s passion, unique personality, and eagerness to learn and develop. By creating IDC, we celebrate both individual talent and ideas along with teamwork and effort. IDC is built on the idea of the common goal, the culture of learning from one another, and the path to finding new skills.

Excel team collaboration skills


Receive mentor support throughout the entire season


Generate innovative applications and improve product development skills

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Develop and advance both soft and technical skills


Nourish entrepreneurial talent

IDC rulebook

Download our IDC applications

Season 1 of IDC took place back in 2017 when thanks to advanced technical expertise the contestants created innovative applications for education, the automotive sector, and more. One of the best-performed projects was My Car Service – a native Android application created for vehicle owners to keep records of maintenance costs and service procedures and receive notifications for any upcoming part change, repair, or document expiration. Technologies: Spring, Hibernate, XML, SQLite, MySQL

Season 3 brought us Aether Defense – a strategy mobile cross-platform game designed to recreate the traditional Tower Defense experience with a modern Augmented Reality spin. Blending the classic virtual world into the real one, the game features a map layout, waves of marching enemy attackers, and possessions and territories which must be defended. Players are offered endless replay value and a wide variety of customization options, while the co-op mode also allows for multiple people to play together.
Technologies: Blender, Unity, Firebase, Google AdMob

idc season 7


SportsBuddy is a an intuitive web application that helps people find sports enthusiasts nearby and organize games quickly and easily. It serves as a social network for people with similar interests and creates a community promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. After taking part in a certain number of sports events users win achievement badges. Some additional functionalities include a chat for people going to the same event, the option to customize the profile picture, a backlog of users’ past events, and more. 

Technologies: SolidJS, GraphQL, NestJS, Azure DevOps, PostgreSQL


GORA is a web application addressing the deforestation in Bulgaria. It uses AI and Computer Vision to monitor illegal logging through real-time satellite images and GIS maps. The solution employs custom ML algorithms and satellite imagery to accurately calculate and determine forest density, and it prohibits logging if it falls below a certain percentile. It also uses photos and Computer Vision to assess whether trees have been cut appropriately and cross-checks the colour of forest control marks with the logging permit to confirm legality.

Technologies: Python, OpenCV, Flask, scikit-learn, React, SQLite, Beautiful Soup

projects in the making



ChessCapturea is a chess game application that uses Machine Learning and Computer Vision to capture every move of the chess pieces on the board in real-time. The game is then streamed online, copied, and transformed into readable data. The generated file, including the name of the players, date, time, moves, and final score, is then send to both players. The solution provides an innovative approach for tracking and broadcasting a chess game, while also offering an affordable alternative to expensive electronic boards.

Technologies: Python, Django, OpenCV, Swift, Azure App Service, Azure SQL Database


Kyub is an iOS and Android mobile application that provides clear information on responsible trash disposal and waste reduction, promoting sustainable waste management. An interactive heatmap allows easy access to nearby recycling stations, bins, and active environmental campaigns. Users can enter a type of waste and get information about it and its disposal options. The solution also provides a gamification aspect in the form of a campaign page where users can see their accomplishments and collect points and badges.

Technologies: iOS, Android, Swift, NoSQL, Redux, React, Jetpack Compose, Retrofit, Alamofire

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